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Be Tobacco free

Decide to Quit

When you quit smoking, you will become healthier. Your breathing will improve. Your heart will be healthier. Your breath will smell better. You'll begin tasting food again. Your chances of getting cancer will drop. You will be a good example for others. You'll have more money because tobacco costs add up quickly. You won't be going outside to smoke in all sorts of places and all sorts of weather.

Learn to Quit

There are a few questions to ask yourself to help you get started. Write a list of reasons you want to smoke, and beside it write a list of reasons you want to quit. Put your list where you will see it every day to remind yourself of these reasons. There are more questions that will help you understand why you smoke. Your answers can help you decide a good way for you to quit. Find the questions here.

Ways to Quit

Most people don't quit successfully on their first try, so it's normal to try several times before you succeed. If you've tried before, it means you've increased your chances of success for this time.

Cold Turkey

Many people succeed by setting a quit date for when their last cigarette will be and working to make that a reality. It's important to clear your house, car and workplace of tobacco, ashtrays and lighters by that date. Some people cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke each day, so they are smoking less, before their quit date.

Quitline Counseling

There is free telephone counseling for Mississippians who want to quit smoking. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to speak with a telephone counselor, absolutely free. A counselor can give you support and suggestions to help you follow through on your decision.


There are over-the-counter medications and prescription medications that can help you. Over-the-counter means you can purchase them at a pharmacy without a prescription. Prescription medicines mean you will need to see a healthcare provider to write a prescription to take to the pharmacy. With any medication, it is important to use and follow label directions.